Why Use Our Collectors for Your Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery Outsourcing, Simplified.

Recoverity specializes in the outsourcing of your claims to the best debt recovery agency.  Born from our own need to outsource our invoices Recoverity is aimed at helping business owners through the research, due diligence, selection and placement phases of debt recovery.

Recoverity is not a Collection Agency. 


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Maximize your recovery.

Maximize your debt recovery results with the largest network of experienced debt recovery agencies in the US. Recoverity is only Debt Marketplace in existence, putting 45+ verified debt recovery agencies at your finger tips.  We serve all industries and all customer types.


Transparency is key.

Our public marketplace provides transparency on each debt recovery agency’s strength’s, industry focus, and customer experience to maximize results.



Shop Safely.

Avoid sales calls and shop with complete confidentiality.Recoverity is fully encrypted behind a 256 bit SSL, with biometric access and 24/7 security. Depending on your type of receivable we can provide Business Associate Agreements and Non-Disclosures.