How to Find the Right Debt Collection Services

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    Recoverity Due Diligence

    We pre-screen all of our collection service partners before they are able to bid on your work. We gather licensing, bonding and certificate information on all potential partners and verify their claims with testimonials of their performance. Furthermore, we ensure that all of our collection service partners are in compliance with federal regulations with no pending lawsuits from debtor complaints or governing bodies.

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    Consultation on Your Collection Needs

    The first step in matching you with the right debt collection service is understanding your situation. Our independent review of our collection service partners gives us a bird’s eye view of the industry keeping us up-to-date on the latest tools, and what you should ask and expect from your next collector.  

  • Step: 2

    Shop Recommended Agencies

    We ask our collection service partners for the most competitive and accurate fees based on the information you provided us. Say goodbye to annoying sales inquiries, Recoverity keeps your identity confidential while you shop. 

  • Step: 3

    Matching the Best Debt Collection Service to your Business.

    Matching the Best Debt Collection Service to your Business.

    We will compile all fees and relevant data for you to review in a simple comparison.

    Simply select a collection service and you are done!



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